Real time apps

Your city is changing

In recent years, applications (apps) have been developed to help customers to stay informed when making trips to and within the Sydney city centre. Apps provide real time information about trip length, disruptions on the network and the most efficient modes of travel. By using these apps, customers can plan ahead and are empowered with to make choices about which transport option is best for them.

Specific apps also provide health information to encourage walking, cycling and carbon footprint information, to encourage more sustainable modes of transport.

In 2016, our Future Transport team held an Intrapreneurs’ Hot House. This Hot House aimed to bring together ideas and plans, to become a leader in using technology to improve the experience and satisfaction of our customers.

Real-time road apps have great benefits to the customer as they provide information on:

  • How long it will take to drive from A to B
  • Alternative routes in case of congestion
  • Automatic updates on traffic conditions
  • Departure time alerts to make calendar appointments
  • Hands free voice alerts
  • Check available passenger space on the next bus
  • Check available passenger space on Waratah Trains
  • Comparison travel times for driving and public transport trips.

There are also a range of apps aimed at assisting mobility limited people to ensure a safe and efficient journey to and from the Sydney city centre. The apps inform them of station infrastructure to allow the user to make choices about which stations are suitable for use and easily facilitate their movements.

Learn more about these Transport apps here. 

We will continue to develop apps that improve customer journeys.