Other Government initiatives

Your city is changing

This report has considered the goals and initiatives set out by the City of Sydney (CoS) and the Greater Sydney Commission (Eastern Harbour City) and Future Transport Strategy 2056.

Many of the initiatives outlined by these agencies have been incorporated into the Access 2018 update to provide the best outcome for the people of Sydney; including safety, efficiency, environment, health and integration throughout the network.

Initiatives from the Greater Sydney Commission and City of Sydney council, relevant to the Access 2018 update include:

  • Improving 30-minute accessibility within the Sydney city centre;
    • Ability to travel – The 30-minute city is an important concept for understanding access levels across Greater Sydney. The 30-minute city constitutes a collection of principles and objectives for guiding the improvement and maintenance of access to the Sydney city centre for all modes of travel. It is aspirational in nature and seeks to improve customer’s options for travel and reduce reliance on private vehicles.
  • Managing and improving Sydney’s trade gateways and efficiency of the freight network.
  • Supporting an integrated transport system for a connected city, and
  • Encouraging sustainable transport networks.
We will continue to work with the Greater Sydney Commission to ensure integrated planning is achieved in the Sydney city centre.

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