Future Transport infrastructure implementation

Your city is changing

The way customers travel is changing - the rapid improvement in technology means that the Sydney city centre must also be prepared for future transport needs and the implementation of new infrastructure.

Future Transport has been released publically and addresses ways to meet the long term needs of Sydney city centre transport customers.
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It is important for customers to remain informed about the future and to have a government prepared for such changes, to ensure efficiency and safety for all users of the city centre.

Future Transport is NSW’s plan to meet the long-term needs of transport customers. It establishes the vision for transport in NSW over the next 40 years, with specific Services and Infrastructure Plans to bring this vision to life. It also identifies the framework for how government, industry and the community will work together to respond to the rapid technological, economic and social changes that will impact on the way people and freight move.

Our Services and Infrastructure Plans, as part of the Future Transport suite of documents will articulate an agile planning framework that will underpin the planning and investment for future transport infrastructure. As these plans will be published on an online platform, there will be the ability to update these plans on a regular basis.

The way people and goods move is undergoing radical transformation and the extent and pace of this transformation is only expected to increase in the coming years. Widespread technology advancements will change how people respond with their transport choices. Technological changes will lead to new modes of travel and new service delivery models; with flow on impacts for demand, the ability to undertake journeys and the customer experience.

New technologies, such as mobility-as-a-service platforms and new digital platforms offering real-time personalised and shared transport, are already changing the way that people and goods move. In response to the changing demand for personalised journeys, we have commenced trials of on-demand mini buses services in 2017 across a number of locations in the Sydney region.

Further technologies for connected and automated vehicles will emerge over the next few years and will change the way the city centre operates.