Construction impacts on the city centre

Your city is changing

Sydney is experiencing an unprecedented construction of new buildings and transport infrastructure throughout the city centre, which affects how customers travel to, from and in the Sydney city centre.

During this period of major project construction, the city centre will see an increase of construction vehicles entering and exiting the Sydney city centre, contributing to significant traffic congestion and delays. To minimise traffic impacts, individual proponents of projects will need to collaborate with us to manage the volume of construction vehicles operating within the Sydney city centre. For example, workers at Sydney city centre sites should consider using public transport (remoding out of vehicles), or retiming their journeys to site. The ability of the public transport network to get workers to the Sydney city centre reliably, is an important aspect of the public transport network.

Whilst the construction impacts of the city centre projects will be significant, they will ultimately improve public amenity and provide long term significant benefits to the wider community. Through investment in both public and private infrastructure projects, Sydney will remain as a global, competitive city.

We will continue to work with developers and builders to plan and understand impacts of their construction activity on the traffic and transport network.