A customer focused transport network

Your city is changing

We are focused on improving our customers experience and delivering customer focused transport solutions. Customers travelling to, from and within the city centre are the key drivers of demand for transport services and infrastructure in the Sydney city centre.

We have a transport challenge in balancing the needs and managing the movement of goods and services with the movement of people through the Sydney city centre. We are looking at ways to assist businesses in the efficient movement of people and goods.

We are focused on meeting the needs of our customers whilst they are undertaking their journeys. Customer satisfaction surveys indicate that customers place a high value on time, information, efficiency, reassurance and comfort whilst travelling. Since the publication of the 2013 Strategy, these values have informed the recent Sydney city centre transport changes and identified changes, which will be completed over the next five to ten years.

As the city centre continues to grow, so too does the demand for goods and services. It is vital that a balance between the movement of people and goods is achieved that supports all modes of transport and seeks to reduce congestion impacts on the transport networks.

We are working continuously towards providing a more integrated network, with better interchanging facilities and more options for our customers. This includes making provision for the high volume of tourists and visitors to the Sydney city centre, who are not necessarily familiar with the transport system.