Your city is changing

Your city is changing

In 2013, we released the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan - the NSW Government’s first integrated transport plan – bringing together land use planning with transport planning across NSW and included actions for all modes of transport.

A key action of the Master Plan was to develop a plan for a fully integrated transport network in Sydney’s city centre to maximise network efficiency and improve journey reliability.

The Sydney City Centre Access Strategy was released in 2013 and was an action plan to put the right mode in the right place in the city centre, cut congestion and support a globally competitive Sydney.

Since the Access Strategy was released, Sydney city centre has, and is undergoing a major transformation – there is a record number of transport and infrastructure projects being delivered and the transport network needed a solid plan to adapt to the changes and plan for the future.

Five years have passed and the time is right to look back to make sure we are on track but importantly make plans to ensure that the network continues to respond to the unprecedented amount of transport infrastructure and property development to ensure the transport network continues to evolve to the changing needs of our customers.

Sydney City Centre Access 2018 is a report card of the performance of the transport network, and considers further transport requirements to plan for further changes in the Sydney city centre over the next five to ten years.

Some of our other initiatives and achievements include:

  • The establishment of the Travel Choices program, a free resource for individuals and companies in the Sydney city centre to change their travel behaviour in order to encourage more people to use public transport, consider travelling outside of the morning and afternoon peak periods and reduce car use in the Sydney city centre. Since the introduction of the program we’ve seen an increase in patronage from 2015 to 2018 on public transport modes and a reduction in people travelling in peak time. Read more about Travel Changes here.
  • The introduction of Opal, bringing our ticketing system into the 21st Century, allowing customers easier interchanging between all modes of transport and a simpler travel experience. Since the introduction of Opal we have seen a significant increase in the number of customers interchanging between different modes of transport. Read more here.
  • How we’ve partnered with individual app developers, shared our data in order to create useful travel apps that ultimately improve the customers experience.
  • Our close relationship with the Greater Sydney Commission and City of Sydney Council to ensure integrated planning is achieved in the Sydney city centre.
  • How we fit into the Future Transport strategy and how we are preparing Sydney city centre for future transport needs.