Meeting the transport task

An integrated network

The Sydney city centre continues to remain a key commuter, retail and tourism destination, for people living in metropolitan Sydney and beyond. The city centre will be under transformation over the next few years, creating more demand on the transport network and increasing opportunities for enhanced integrated transport networks, to accommodate the city centre’s predicted growth.

Recent projections for future employment in Greater Sydney, have been calculated on the basis of projected population growth, age profiles, broad economic conditions and trends, sector and industry outlooks.

The Greater Sydney Commission Eastern Harbour city (excluding North Sydney), as a strategic centre, has job target ranges as follows:

The Sydney city centre as a strategic centre, has job target ranges as follows:
2016 estimate: 496,900
2036 baseline target: 662,000
2036 higher target: 732,000 (Greater Sydney Commission, 2016)

The following projects have been identified as key game changers for meeting future demand, in and around the Sydney city centre.

Northern Beaches B-Line

The Northern Beaches B-Line is part of an integrated program to provide more frequent and reliable bus services for customers travelling between the Northern Beaches and the Sydney city centre.

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The new Northern Beaches bus network commenced in November 2017, with over 3,200 additional weekly services, including 2,000 B-Line services. The new network is part of an integrated program of service and infrastructure improvements.
The Northern Beaches B-Line includes integrated pedestrian and bicycle links to commuter car parks. These linkages will be provided in the Sydney city centre areas.

More information on B-Line can be found here.

Bus Priority Infrastructure Program

The Bus Priority Infrastructure Program (BPIP) is a measure to better manage congestion on Sydney’s roads. Buses are able to carry more people than private vehicles, and improving the services can encourage public transport use and contribute to reducing the number of individual motorists on the roads.

The BPIP is working towards modernising and addressing bus pinch points on major corridors identified in Sydney’s Bus Future, including targeted infrastructure works and bus stop changes. Some of these works support bus access for customers travelling to and from the Sydney city centre.

Over the next 10 years, together with RMS, we will look to invest in bus priority infrastructure along corridors that relate to the Sydney city centre via Parramatta Road, and Parramatta to Sydney city centre via Victoria Road.

Sydney Metro

Sydney Metro is a multi- stage project that includes the Stage 1: Sydney Metro Northwest, Stage 2: Sydney Metro City and Southwest and the recently announced Sydney Metro West.

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Sydney Metro West

The Sydney Metro West line will link the Parramatta and Sydney city centre, along with communities along the route including Sydney Olympic Park and the Bays Precinct.

This project will meet transport demands for Sydney’s growing population in the west. An extra 420,000 people are expected to move into the corridor between Greater Parramatta and Central Sydney over the next 20 years, with more than 300,000 jobs expected to be created in this corridor by 2036. (Transport for NSW, 2017)

The Metro line will also facilitate the development of the Bays Precinct, connecting the west and the city centre with the new precinct.

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Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link

This proposal was identified in the 2012 NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan as a priority project for Sydney. The Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link between WestConnex at Rozelle and Balgowlah will take pressure off the Harbour Bridge, the Anzac Bridge and the Eastern Distributor. Motorists will be able to effectively bypass the Sydney city centre and urban congestion, reducing travel times and freeing public transport to operate more efficiently for commuters.  

For more information, visit the Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches link website here.


WestConnex, aimed to be completed in 2024, is a multi-stage motorway project and forms part of the integrated transport network for greater Sydney. The project will provide opportunities for vehicles to bypass western districts of the city centre, by providing extra motorway capacity for through traffic and reducing the strain on Sydney's roads.

The completed project provides a connection to Sydney Airport and Port Botany via the Sydney Gateway, further reducing unnecessary vehicle traffic through the city centre.

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