An integrated network

An integrated network

The 2018 Access update considers all modes of transport and how they work to create an integrated network across the Sydney city centre. The network also includes transport options to and from the adjoining inner city precincts and the wider ranging Greater Sydney precincts.

In order to meet the transport task, new transport offerings such as B-Line and Sydney Metro will help meet future demand.

In this section we explore how we will build a transport system to be fully integrated giving our customers more options in how the get to, move around and leave the Sydney city centre.

  • We look at how new service offerings such as B-Line, Sydney Metro and Westconnex will help meet future demand.
  • Undertake more investigation and trialling new options for freight servicing.
  • Transitioning transport networks in and around Sydney from radial networks to make interchanging between different modes of public transport easier and more enjoyable for customers.

Key precincts in and around the Sydney city centre

Sydney’s city centre is a network of varied precincts and places, connected via an extensive integrated transport network. People travel to, through and from the surrounding districts to the city centre every day for work, recreation and other daily activities. It is important to understand how these districts will continue to be effectively connected to the city centre, for the most comfortable, efficient and reliable journeys.

To learn more about the precincts, visit the Greater Sydney Commission’s vision for the precincts.