Walking and Cycling

A busy living city

Active transport includes walking and cycling and is an important aspect of any liveable city. Walking is the dominant mode for movement in the Sydney city centre. We are working with the City of Sydney to make walking and cycling a more convenient, safer and enjoyable transport option. Not only is active transport good for individual health and the environment, it reduces congestion on roads and preserves capacity on public transport systems.

We also work with proponents of new buildings and transport infrastructure during the design and/or development assessment stages to inform their design to ensure the needs of pedestrians and cyclists are considered (during construction and end state), including protecting existing active transport infrastructure and looking at ways to improve it.

Initiatives are in place to ensure the efficiency and safety of pedestrians and bike riders to and through the city centre, encouraging those who have the ability to choose to walk or ride a bicycle when possible. These include:

  • Dedicated North/South and East/West cycleways
  • Provision of end of trip facilities
  • More pedestrian and cyclist friendly infrastructure
  • Better wayfinding across the network (Train, Bus, Ferry and Light Rail signage and new city centre wayfinding)
  • Reduction of vehicle speed limit to 40km/hr in the city centre core
  • Review of traffic signal timing.

These initiatives all help promote the use of active transport as a more viable mode for transport customers.

Whilst the transformation of the city centre continues with extensive construction activity, bicycle and pedestrian facilities will need to adapt accordingly. Reliable access to bicycle infrastructure needs to be provided on the city’s roads, to ensure safe and easy access to and through the city centre for bike riders.(City of Sydney, 2015).

Another important aspect of walking and bicycle riding is the associated health benefits. For many transport customers, this is their biggest motivator to choose active modes of transport. For more information read Sydney’s Walking Future and Sydney’s cycling future.

End of trip facilities

The provision of end of trip facilities in Sydney city centre buildings has increased significantly in the past few years. End of trip facilities, such as dedicated shower, change rooms and locker facilities, support active transport and encourage commuters to choose cycling, walking or multi-modal public transport options.

During the past three years, more than 35 end of trip facilities have opened in the city centre with private capital investment topping $30 million (Source: PFL Spaces).

The provision of end of trip facilities is supported by the City of Sydney development control plans. This initiative is a key contributor to encourage active transport and make it a viable option for workers throughout the city centre. The current trend of organisations investing in end of trip facilities will promote active transport options for employees in the Sydney city centre.

Many Sydney based companies are encouraging staff to walk or ride to work and successfully providing end of trip facilities to encourage these initiatives. Read about some examples of how these have been achieved.