Transport for the 30 minute cities

A busy living city

An important element of the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) Eastern City District Plan is the concept of a 30 minute city which aims to improve access to jobs and services. Future Transport Strategy 2056 has been developed to support the GSC’s vision for Greater Sydney as a metropolis of three cities, where people have access to jobs and services within 30 minutes by public transport.

The 30 minute city constitutes a collection of principles and objectives for guiding the improvement and maintenance of transport access to city centres in Greater Sydney. It aims to improve customer’s options for travel and reduce reliance on private vehicles.

To achieve a 30 minute city, continual integration of all modes of transportation is needed with ongoing and upgraded transport initiatives to allow for this full integration and implementation. Key transport initiatives are well underway to facilitate the idea of a 30 minute city; including the Sydney Metro and the CBD and South East Light Rail projects.

Many of the projects and concepts outlined in the  2018 Plan will contribute to achieving a 30 minute city in the future. Other initiatives to facilitate the 30 minute city are found in the Greater Sydney Commission Eastern City District Plan and Future Transport and include:

  • The Pinch Point program that aims to reduce traffic delays, manage congestion and improve travel times on Sydney’s major roads. The NSW government has committed over $825 million to fixing pinch points across Sydney’s road network. (Roads & Maritime, 2016).
  • Bus route and service improvements across the Central District and cycling infrastructure commitments.

There are more details on the GSC district plans here