A busy living city

Interchanges between modes of public transport form a key aspect in movement of people throughout the city centre. To further facilitate transport capacity growth in the city centre, all major train stations in the city centre have either undergone (or will undergo) upgrades to provide more efficient, safe and comfortable movement of people through the stations. Improved stations provide important interchange facilities and better customer experience, as well as support and encourage customers to switch between transport modes.

Central Station

Central Station provides a major interchange for those travelling by rail (regional and suburban), light rail, coach, bus, and in the future, the Sydney Metro. Central Station is undergoing improvements to its concourse to improve interchange arrangements between platforms and make interchanging easier and more efficient.

The relocation of the coaches to the Western forecourt was completed in 2017 to allow construction to begin on the CBD and South East Light Rail (CSELR) and in the future provide another interchange opportunity for commuters at Central Station.
A contract was recently awarded to enable the biggest improvement to the station for the last few decades.
In the future, Central Station will experience a major revitalisation, with the construction of the new Sydney Metro station. The upgrades will recognise Central Station as an iconic place in Sydney’s history and a key part of its future.

Visit here for more information on the future of Central Station Precinct upgrades.


Town Hall Station

Town Hall Station forms a major interchange in the city centre and has undergone transformation to unlock capacity and reduce congestion during the busiest periods.

Following the removal of bus routes along George Street in October 2015, the volume of passengers interchanging (from bus to train and vice versa) has reduced at Town Hall and has been redistributed to other city centre stations.

Town Hall Station’s amenity upgrades have included new tiling and ceilings, improved lighting and staircases. Station and platform clutter has been reduced by opening up the concourse, adding new ticket gates, replacing wooden escalators to improve safety and ventilation improvements.
The new CSELR Town Hall stop and Sydney Metro Pitt Street station will provide enhanced interchange facility for customers.

Wynyard Station

Following completion of the Wynyard Station upgrade, the opening of Barangaroo Ferry Wharf (September 2017) and the opening of Wynyard Walk (September 2016), Wynyard Station has become a key interchange between train and bus customers, and pedestrians. Wynyard Walk has successfully catered for the increased patronage growth from the Barangaroo developments towards Wynyard and the city centre.

The first phase of the Wynyard Station upgrades have included new lighting, tiling and signage, a wider concourse, additional ticket gates and less clutter on the concourse and platforms. The second phase of upgrades involved undertaking platform ventilation and heat relief system trials, refurbishment of the York Street entrance, upgrade of the York Street escalators and new lift access between York Street and the concourse.
The new CSELR Wynyard stop will provide enhanced interchange facility for customers at York and Carrington Streets. We will work with the City of Sydney to improve the customer experience for bus customers.

Museum Station

Museum Station has been upgraded and works were completed in 2016. The upgrade work includes a new lift, connecting the entry of the station on the corner of Elizabeth and Liverpool Streets and the underground station concourse. There are a further two new lifts to connect the station concourse with the platforms, an accessible ramp at the station entrance, a new family accessible toilet, and refurbished toilets within the concourse (Transport for NSW, 2016).
In 2024 the new Pitt Street Metro Station, which will have an entry/exit on the corner of Pitt and Bathurst Streets, will be a short walk away from Museum Station.

Circular Quay

Circular Quay is arguably Sydney’s most iconic transport interchange precinct. The integrated transport network allows passengers to connect between ferry, rail and bus, the overseas passenger terminal and into the future, the CSELR.

The CSELR stop at Circular Quay will allow travellers to move easily between other interchange precincts and places within the city centre to further create a sense of place. The proposed upgrade of the ferry wharves and promenade at Circular Quay provides an opportunity to create a more vibrant and liveable places.
The integration of bus, coaches, ferry, rail and CSELR at Circular Quay, combined with an unprecedented scale of commercial and residential property development, will transform the precinct.

Martin Place

Martin Place is currently an interchange for pedestrians, rail and bus passengers. In the future, Martin Place provides one of the city stops for the new Sydney Metro and will therefore need to cater for significantly more commuters on a daily basis given its relatively central location in the city centre.

Martin Place is undergoing a major transformation as construction has begun for Sydney Metro, including upgrades and over-station development opportunities

More information on the Martin Place upgrades can be found here.

St James

St James station is a heritage-listed underground railway station, serving as an interchange for pedestrians, rail and bus passengers. No recent changes have been made to St James Station, which was last upgraded to improve accessibility in 2011.