A sustainable city

A busy living city

Greater Sydney Commission has established a vision for Sydney that is liveable, productive and sustainable.

There are great opportunities and current projects that can contribute to Sydney’s transport network being more sustainable to support the concept of a sustainable city. Encouraging more use of the public transport network is a significant step in increasing personal and community sustainability. We will continually work to provide the best public transport network to ensure it is a better choice for customers.

The following initiatives are priority for continuing to create a sustainable Sydney:

  • Continuing to make pedestrians a priority and creating wider, safer footpaths
  • Continuing to create safe and accessible cycling paths
  • Rewarding sustainable transport, including low-emission vehicles and those taking part in car share
  • Transforming George Street into a wide, pedestrian-friendly boulevard with a CBD and South East Light Rail (CSELR) link that will connect 3 town squares at Railway Square (Central Station), Sydney Town Hall and Circular Quay.

The public can also make conscious choices about their travel options by using one of the many apps available which can compare the carbon footprints of different modes of transportation. The information available through these apps can potentially influence them to choose public transport, walking or cycling over using personal vehicles.

Another key aspect of a sustainable transport system is ensuring it can be sustained during future growth and major change in the city.

The CSELR and Inner West Light Rail networks as well as other forms of public transport will also contribute to a more sustainable city, providing more opportunities for people to leave their car at home.

The Travel Choices program provides information and support to individuals, businesses and organisations to help shape longer term, sustainable travel behaviour change. For more information on the program, go to the Travel Choices section.