A busy living city

A busy living city

In order for Sydney to operate as a liveable city the transport network needs to be fully integrated, functional and prioritise the most efficient movement for all customers using the transport network.

As the Eastern Harbour City and Greater Sydney continue to grow, it is important to consider how the transport network contributes to the development of a liveable city.

By 2031, the local population of the Sydney city centre area is projected to increase to more than 300,000 (from a population of 224,211 in June 2015).

To keep up with demand for transport services and make sure the city remains a great place to live, work and do business, we are delivering major projects to reduce traffic congestion and improve public transport. The current developments and transport projects within the Sydney city centre will contribute to the liveability and connect people with the places they occupy, on a 24/7 basis.

In this section we explore:

  • The important role visitors play in the economy of our city, how the transport system needs to cater for visitor demands across all city precincts and how we’ve improved wayfinding to help visitors and customers alike locate train, bus, ferry and light rail stops and stations.
  • How new and old places like Barangaroo, Circular Quay, Central Station and Martin Place are being built and upgraded to integrate transport infrastructure, major commercial development, public spaces, parkland and residential developments providing better experiences for transport customers, workers and visitors to the Sydney city centre.
  • How we are working collaboratively with NSW Government and councils in the Sydney Metropolitan area to make walking and cycling a more convenient, safer and enjoyable transport option.
  • We’ve improved wayfinding with modes and simple signage now easily identifiable by colour and letter symbols, introduced digital wayfinding and upgraded real time information for public transport services on apps that are available to for customers and worked with City of Sydney and individual property owners to adopt the new wayfinding symbols in their signage.
  • Improved the transport service offering with the introduction of more rail, bus and ferry services to the city centre including more than 1,000 extra weekly train services, implemented priority bus corridors and new routes, extending clearways on major traffic routes, decluttered and reconfigured city centre train stations and delivered a north-south and east-west separated cycleway in the Sydney city centre.